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A Measure for thoughts

Did you know that God has a measuring stick for WHAT and HOW you should think?

Throughout the course of the day, hundreds to thousands of thoughts may pass through your mind. Even as you are in the midst of a task, your mind can be thinking elsewhere. For instance, even now as you read this, you could be thinking about what you are about to do, or what just happened or something that needs to happen etc. Thoughts are constantly assailing your mind.

Some people allow just any thought passage.  Some think that you must accept the bad and the good. In fact, they think those who don’t acknowledge or speak or expect the bad, are misinformed or ‘unreal’. And then – they give their minds time to thinking negatively about that person who won’t think like them and they continue to think about how ‘wrong’ that other person is – even if that other person did nothing to impose their thoughts on them. They just don’t like how the other person thinks.  Phew. What a waste of time.  Don’t allow your mind to be a dumping ground. You wouldn’t set house up at the local dumping ground, so don’t do it in your mind.

God LOVES you! God has stated in the most public way and with the greatest evidence: YOU ARE VALUABLE. You didn’t have to do anything or change anything to become valuable. You just are. And God desires you to have a GOOD LIFE. In fact:

God did EVERYTHING necessary for you to HAVE, now, HIS GOOD LIFE!!

Have you ever considered where bad things come from? Do they come from God? The Bible tells us everything God created was good. Learn to recognise in your life – what comes from God and refuse to acknowledge or accept those things that don’t come from him.

Someone once told me I live in an alternate reality than the rest of the world. My response:

Well, Yes! Yes, I do. But the reality I live in, though uncommon to the world we live in, is MORE real than the reality most know.

The man of God, John G. Lake said it like this:

There is ONE reality. That reality is God.

How can you know God’s thoughts? Words are thoughts clothed in vocabulary. Therefore, God’s Word reveals to us God’s Thoughts.

So what is His measuring stick for the things you CAN and SHOULD think on?

Philippians 4:8,

FIX your thoughts on what is true and good and right.

Think about things that are pure and lovely.

DWELL ON the fine, good things in others.

Think about ALL you can praise God for and be glad about.


When you study God’s Word, it’s important that you take note of what HE did say as well as what He did not say. He didn’t tell you that we should give time or thought to all the bad things. He didn’t say that you should spend time thinking on how a person has hurt you or what you think is wrong with another person or worry and talk with others about what that person is doing or how they are living. He didn’t tell you you should be overwrought with the news and circumstance of this world. No! In His Word, in this case, in Philippians 4:8 God clearly tells you what to think and how to think.

Make your mind a beautiful garden that continually feeds on beauty and creates ways to beautify the world around you.  REFUSE to be a dumping ground for rubbish thoughts – no matter their source. What might your life look like if you SET your mind to think as directed above. What would your outlook and perspective of others be if you chose to dwell only on the fine, good things in others? What would be your attitude and position of your heart if you ONLY allowed your mind to be filled today with ALL you can praise God for and be glad about?

“You cannot afford to be small in your mind.” Determine to live the GOOD life God created for you and made available in Christ Jesus. THINK beautiful thoughts. 

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